Socialist Workers Party 2019 election campaign program

June 10, 2019

The Socialist Workers Party’s fighting program to confront the economic, social and moral crisis caused by capitalism:

UNIONS  Support workers’ struggles to organize and strengthen unions, to use union power to defend ourselves and all working people. One union for Yellow Cab workers, drivers at Uber, Lyft and other app-based companies, and car service drivers! Support farmworkers in their fight to organize unions and for safe working conditions.

AMNESTY FOR ALL UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS in the US, a life-and-death question for the unions to unite workers and cut across divisions the bosses use to drive down wages.

JOBS  Fight for a federal government-financed public works program to put millions to work at union-scale wages building roads, bridges, hospitals, child care centers, mass transportation and quality affordable housing workers need.

OPPOSE WASHINGTON’S WARS  US hands off Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. US troops out of Afghanistan, Korea, the Middle East.

CUBA — AN EXAMPLE  End the embargo against Cuba; US out of Guantánamo. The Cuban Revolution in 1959 showed it is possible for workers and farmers to take political power and uproot capitalist exploitation.

HEALTH CARE FOR ALL Fight for universal, government-guaranteed health care and retirement income for all.

ABORTION  Defend women’s right to unrestricted access to family planning services, including the right to safe, secure abortions.

ISRAEL & PALESTINE  For the recognition of Israel and of a contiguous Palestinian state. For the right of Jews to return to Israel as a refuge in the face of capitalist crisis, Jew-hatred, and murderous violence.

LAND AND LABOR  Capitalism’s profit drive is the despoiler of nature and cause of unsafe working conditions. Workers and our unions must fight for workers control over production and safety in the factories, mines, railroads and all workplaces to protect those on the job and in nearby communities, and to prevent pollution of the earth, air, and waters. Workers control over production to prevent disasters like the Boeing 737 MAX.

“JUSTICE” SYSTEM  Fight against police brutality and the entire capitalist injustice system with its frame-ups, “plea bargains,” onerous bail, and outrageous prison sentences, all of which disproportionately hit workers who are Black.

DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS  Defend democratic rights, under attack from Democrats and Republicans alike. Stop government spying and harassment. Defend the right to vote and free speech.

PRISONER RIGHTS  End solitary confinement. End censorship in prison. Abolish the death penalty, an anti-working-class weapon in the hands of the rulers.

FARMERS — WORKERS ALLIES ON THE LAND  To put a halt to farm foreclosures, bankruptcies and skyrocketing rural debt, we demand nationalization of the land. This puts the soil at the service of the farmers who till it, as opposed to control by the banks and landlords. We demand the government guarantee farmers their costs of production, including their living expenses.

Working people must organize and act independent of the ruling capitalists and break from their political parties — the Democrats and Republicans. A movement of millions can be built to fight for these demands along a course to replace the exploitative capitalist system with a workers and farmers government.

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