Join SWP on ‘right side of history’

July 15, 2019

The 2020 U.S. elections — with 16 months to go — are front-page news, as incumbent Donald Trump and some two dozen Democratic wannabes pound away at each other. All these Democratic and Republican politicians, whether self-proclaimed socialists, liberals or conservatives, share one key thing in common — a commitment to defend dog-eat-dog capitalist rule.

The interests of working people are irreconcilable with the interests of the capitalist class who depend on exploiting us. Competition with their rivals continually drives them to attack our wages and working conditions and to send us to fight and die in wars over markets and resources. They work hard to keep us divided and to convince us to vote for whichever party — the Democrats or Republicans — appears as the lesser evil. The two-party system is set up to preserve the interests of the class that exploits working people at home and abroad. There is  no “lesser” evil.

The Socialist Workers Party fights for an opposite course. Its candidates for office in 2019 tell the truth — that all politics reflects the class struggle, and working people have common class interests and need to fight side by side. We point to the lessons of past working-class struggles and our revolutionary continuity. To effectively combat what working people face we need to organize and act independently of the bosses’ parties.  We need our own working-class party!

The SWP’s slate of candidates presents a program to fight to change the conditions workers face in the only way that is possible — by challenging capitalist rule. They speak out against all instances of tyranny and oppression and join in fighting to change them.

By recognizing and acting on our capacity to struggle, the SWP campaign presents demands to increase the unity, courage and self-confidence of working people. It explains why workers need our own foreign policy to oppose the wars, military threats and sanctions imposed with bipartisan support by the U.S. imperialist rulers. They point to the revolution made by working people in Cuba in 1959 — still living today — as an example for how working people here can wrest power from the capitalist rulers, establish a workers and farmers government and join in the fight for a world free of exploitation and discrimination.

Only the Socialist Workers Party candidates present a realistic course to end the carnage capitalism creates. Join in campaigning with the SWP! It’s truly a life “on the right side of history” — a life worth living.