Celebrate 61 years of Cuban Revolution!

January 13, 2020
Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the early years of the revolution.
Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the early years of the revolution.

For more than 61 years, since overthrowing the U.S.-backed Fulgencio Batista dictatorship on Jan. 1, 1959, the Cuban Revolution has shown there is an alternative to the capitalist system and its dog-eat-dog, every-man-for-himself morality. It has unselfishly offered aid and solidarity to those battling imperialist domination worldwide.

The U.S. rulers have never forgiven the workers and farmers of Cuba for having taken control of their own country and destiny. Their biggest fear is that workers and farmers in other countries will follow their example.

Over the last year we have seen millions of workers around the world take to the streets. From Sudan to Algeria from Iraq to Lebanon from Hong Kong to France. They show that working people around the world are capable of heroic courage and self-sacrifice in fighting in their millions against the effects of decaying capitalism in crisis today. But they lack the revolutionary working-class leadership to chart a road to take political power.

The Cuban Revolution showed it is possible to fight and to win — if we forge a leadership through the battles of workers and farmers, build a revolutionary party and draw all the oppressed and exploited behind our banner.

There is a treasure-trove of books on the history, politics and internationalist solidarity of the Cuban Revolution available at pathfinderpress.com.

The Cuban Revolution — the only living revolution in the world today — faces big challenges and pressures, including from U.S. imperialism’s relentless efforts to overturn it. The days and years ahead will not be easy. That’s why we need both to learn from its example and to strengthen the fight against Washington’s attempts to slander and destroy it. This year’s April 26-May 10 15th International May Day Brigade of Voluntary Work and Solidarity With Cuba is an excellent opportunity to do both. You can get all the details from www.nnoc.info.

U.S. hands off Cuba! End Washington’s economic war against Cuba! Long live the Cuban Revolution!