25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

May 4, 2020

May 8, 1995

The United States government is using the bombing that killed more than 100 people at the Oklahoma City Federal Building to test the waters for squeezing democratic rights and expanding the use of the death penalty.

The government’s proposals to expand powers for spies and snoops, legalize broader authority to deport “undesirables,” and pry into and disrupt the lives of organizations and individuals are trial balloons. 

Since those accused in the bombing are home-grown right-wingers, capitalist politicians insist the political police need new powers to stem the threat from the right. But anti-democratic measures are always used a hundred times more against organizations of the working class when it goes into struggle.

Trade unions, student organizations, and others should demand: Stop the anti-Arab, anti-Islamic crusade! Hands off democratic rights! 

May 8, 1970

In dozens of American cities emergency demonstrations have been called as the immediate response to the major new escalation of U.S. aggression in Southeast Asia.

Even before millions of Americans sat and listened in horror as [President Richard] Nixon ordered the brutal slaughter of thousands of innocent Vietnamese, Cambodians and American GIs, the reaction to the first news of the qualitative new escalation of the war was decisive.

The Nixon program is revealed in all its clarity as the exact same program for which [Lyndon] Johnson was run out of office more than two years ago.

The ever deepening antiwar sentiment of the American people must be mobilized in massive actions demanding immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Southeast Asia. It must be mobilized in the streets where it cannot be ignored. 

May 5, 1945

In a mighty demonstration of power the masses in northern Italy last week rose in insurrection and wiped out the remnants of the Fascist regime in its last stronghold. The workers seized control of the great industrial cities in the Lombardy plain. Mussolini and his Fascist sides were met with the end deserved by all hated tyrants. After a summary trial they were put to death by a firing squad.

The great industrial centers of Lombardy are the heart and core of revolutionary Italy, with great and glorious traditions of working-class struggle.

The destruction of the Fascists by the armed people has ended the artificial division of the country produced by the Allied invasion and the expulsion of the Fascist regime from southern Italy. The proletarian north is now united with the more rural and petty-bourgeois south.