Striking miners win solidarity in New York City

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021

NEW YORK — Several hundred members of the United Mine Workers union rallied and picketed outside the offices of BlackRock here July 28 to support striking miners at Warrior Met Coal in Brookwood, Alabama. BlackRock is the largest hedge fund…

Water, power cuts fuel protests against Iran gov’t, wars abroad

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021
Protests erupted across Iran, including in mainly Arab Khuzestan province, above, then to Tehran by July 25, sparked by water, power outages, regime military interventions in region.

Protests against Iran’s bourgeois-clerical regime spread from Khuzestan province, home to the country’s Arab minority, to cities and towns elsewhere in mid-July. Triggered by severe water shortages and power outages that hit hard on working people, demonstrators protested the Iranian…

Armando Choy, Chinese Cuban general and veteran revolutionary

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021

Armando Choy Rodríguez, a brigadier general in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, died July 27. He was one of three Chinese Cuban generals interviewed in the book Our History Is Still Being Written, published by Pathfinder Press. The book…

Cubans face effects of 62-year-long US economic war

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021

The U.S. capitalist ruling families will never forgive working people in Cuba for their 1959 revolution that overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista, who ensured superprofits for U.S. bosses and bankers. Led by Fidel Castro and the July 26 Movement, Cuban toilers…

Cecelia Moriarity: 45 years building communist movement

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021

SEATTLE — Cecelia Moriarity, a 45-year member of the Socialist Workers Party, died here July 23 after a prolonged illness. Moriarity built the party in cities across the country and served on the party’s National Committee for a number of…

Myanmar junta extends crackdown, opposition continues

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021

Six months after ousting the elected government, seizing total power and putting down mass protests, the military junta in Myanmar announced Aug. 1 it was extending its state of emergency for two more years. Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of…

Mother Jones: All workers must unite to fight common foe

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021
Painting of Mother Jones around 1900 leading protest by union workers. Communist leader Leon Trotsky called her a ”heroic American proletarian” with “unflagging devotion to working people,” noting she had “contempt for traitors, careerists among working-class ‘leaders.’”

One of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for August is Mother Jones Speaks: Speeches and Writings of a Working-Class Fighter. From the end of the Civil War until her death in 1930 at age 100, Mary Harris “Mother” Jones tirelessly…

SWP conference: Leading the working class to take power

Vol. 85/No. 30 - August 16, 2021
Jack Barnes, SWP national secretary, speaks at conference. SWP leader Mary-Alice Waters, right. Banner captured central themes of conference presentations, classes, discussions.

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio — “This is a book about the dictatorship of capital and the road to the dictatorship of the proletariat,” Socialist Workers Party National Secretary Jack Barnes said, pointing to Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers…