Chicago bakery workers bring solidarity to Iowa strikers

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — “These checks are for contributions by workers at two Alpha Baking plants in Chicago. We took up a collection because your strike is so important to defend the gains we have won over the years,” said…

Washington seized Puerto Rico, denied constitutional rights

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022

As Washington announced its emergence as an imperialist power by seizing a series of Spanish colonies in the 1898 Spanish-American War, the U.S. Supreme Court over the next few years sharply limited constitutional rights and protections for residents of the…

Canada Communist League candidates protest deportations

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022
Katy LeRougetel, Communist League candidate for Quebec’s National Assembly in Montreal, talks with Mamadou Konate Sept. 18 at action protesting deportation of immigrant workers.

MONTREAL — Two hundred people marched here Sept. 18 under the slogan “Status for all,” calling on the Canadian government to grant permanent resident status to all undocumented migrants in the country. The action was part of a cross-Canada mobilization.…

French book fair: ‘We absolutely have to change the world’

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022

BRETIGNY-SUR-ORGE, France — “I’m happy to buy this book. We absolutely have to change this world, but first we have to understand it,” said Marie Dechelle, a computer science student in Paris, as she bought the French edition of the…

Thousands protest in Haiti as gasoline price doubles

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022

Thousands have taken to the streets in Haiti over the last three weeks since the government announced the price of gasoline would more than double. Protesters blocked roads throughout the capital, Port-au-Prince. Schools and businesses closed as streets were blocked.…

Rolls-Royce workers end strike, ‘will win more in future fights’

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022

MONTREAL — The 530 members of the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN) at Rolls-Royce Canada, who repair and overhaul aircraft engines, decided by a vote of 62% Sept. 1 to accept a conciliator’s report and end their hard-fought five-and-a-half-month…

SWP campaigns to build support for labor battles, win new readers

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022
BSNF rail worker Gary Cockerham, right, told SWP member Dennis Richter, center, in Ft. Worth Sept. 20 about how crew cuts and increasingly longer trains make rail work more dangerous.

Members of the Socialist Workers Party — and Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada and the U.K. — are going out to workers’ doorsteps, union picket lines, labor movement events and protest actions to discuss conditions confronting workers and farmers today,…

Rail unionists debate contract deal, vow to keep up fight

Vol. 86/No. 36 - October 3, 2022
Massive 3-mile-long cargo train in Southern California in 2020. Rail bosses are pushing longer freight trains, one-person “crews,” unsafe and inhuman schedules, on call 24/7. These conditions wreak havoc on rail workers’ lives and endanger them, other workers and communities near the tracks.

LINCOLN, Neb. — In the next several weeks, nearly 100,000 union rail workers will vote on tentative agreements negotiated by rail union officials on the one side and five Class 1 rail companies and 30 local railroad bosses, organized together…