Sacramento protest says, ‘Free Carlos Harris!’

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Three dozen people rallied in a Martin Luther King Day protest Jan. 17 across the street from the state Capitol building here demanding that Carlos Harris and other unjustly incarcerated prisoners be released. “My cousin Carlos has…

Attack on Texas synagogue shows danger posed by Jew-hatred today

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022

In a highly publicized antisemitic attack, Malik Faisal Akram took four hostages at gunpoint during a livestream service at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, Jan. 15. He held the hostages, including Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, for 11 hours,…

Socialist Workers Party conference launches 2022 California campaign

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022
Ellie García (right), Socialist Workers Party 2022 candidate for U.S. Senate in California, meets copper miner Mike Sepulveda to discuss Steelworkers strike against Asarco in 2019.

LOS ANGELES — Socialist Workers Party members in California met in a statewide convention here Jan. 23 and voted to run Eleanor García, a retired aerospace worker and party leader with long experience in working-class struggles, for U.S. Senate and…

‘Cuba’s socialist revolution sets an example for working people’

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022
Kaitlin Estill, left, talks with hospital worker Jannie Jackson in Cincinnati Jan. 18. “All the companies care about is how they can make more money from our hard work,” said Jackson.

Halfway through the Jan. 1 to Feb. 15 international Militant renewal drive, more than 200 readers have renewed their subscriptions. Members of the Socialist Workers Party in the U.S. and Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United…

German rulers pulled between Washington and Moscow

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022

As Washington presses to defend its interests in eastern Europe, claiming to act in defense of Ukrainian sovereignty, deeper divisions have become clear among the rival capitalist rulers in NATO. The head of Germany’s navy, Kay-Achim Schonbach, was forced to…

US, Russian rulers step up confrontation over Ukraine

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022

Talks between the U.S. and Russian governments over Moscow’s continuing troop buildup near its border with Ukraine ended without agreement Jan. 21. Washington opposes Moscow’s threats to Ukraine, claiming to stand against an assault on Ukrainian sovereignty. In fact, the…

Black farmers in Illinois fight for improved conditions

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022

HOPKINS PARK, Ill. — “Black farmers in rural Pembroke Township protest Nicor plan to build gas pipeline through their community,” read a headline in the Dec. 7 Chicago Tribune. It reported on a rally in downtown Chicago opposing the installation…

After 10-day strike, Colorado grocery workers make gains

Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022
UFCW members strike King Soopers, Federal Heights, Colorado, Jan. 17. Workers won pay raise, better conditions.

DENVER — After a solid and lively 10-day strike against King Soopers grocery-store bosses by 8,400 United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 members from Boulder to Parker, Colorado,  and the greater metro area here, a majority voted in big…

Texas refinery workers fight ExxonMobil union busting

Locked-out oil workers fight to defend safety, their union
Vol. 86/No. 5 - February 7, 2022
Dec. 6, 2021, protest in Houston by ExxonMobil workers. Bosses locked them out May 1, pushed move to decertify union when workers refused to accept dangerous cutbacks.

FORT WORTH, Texas — For nine months now 650 members of United Steelworkers Local 13-243 have fought oil giant ExxonMobil bosses’ attempts to break their union. The company marched the workers out of the giant refinery and oil blending facility…