‘No contract, no crunch!’ say strikers at Corn Nuts factory

Vol. 86/No. 32 - September 5, 2022

FRESNO, Calif. — “No contract, no crunch!” is a slogan of the 40 workers, the entire production unit, who went on strike at the Corn Nuts plant here Aug. 15. They explain the company refuses to seriously negotiate with them…

Strikes by UK rail workers spread to other industries

Vol. 86/No. 32 - September 5, 2022
Aug. 20 Manchester rally during strike by 40,000 members of Rail, Maritime and Transport union for a pay raise, better schedules. Rail strikes were one of many union actions across UK.

MANCHESTER, England — Union actions across the U.K. demanding pay raises are drawing in tens of thousands as anger mounts about the hit workers are facing from inflation. After two days of strike actions Aug. 18 and 20, members of…

Case workers fight over wages, schedules, health care

Vol. 86/No. 32 - September 5, 2022

STURTEVANT, Wis. — The 600 members of United Auto Workers Local 180 here, and 430 in UAW Local 807 in Burlington, Iowa, remain strong in their strike against Case New Holland. The strike began May 2. Case New Holland is…

Defend Ukraine independence! Demand Moscow get out now!

Vol. 86/No. 32 - September 5, 2022
Artist Yelena Osipova protests in St. Petersburg July 31, celebrated in Russia as Navy Day. “We died for peace,” placard says, referring to war against Nazi invasion. “No to War” in Ukraine!

Six months since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, nothing has dimmed the courageous fight of the Ukrainian people to defend their country’s independence. The front lines haven’t moved in weeks. With no end to the death…

Democrats, FBI attack against Trump is threat to working class

Vol. 86/No. 32 - September 5, 2022
Front page of Minneapolis paper, June, 1941, reports on FBI raid on SWP office, attacks on Teamster union, part of Roosevelt administration drive for intervention into second world war.

The Aug. 8 FBI armed raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate is the latest move by the President Joseph Biden administration, fellow Democrats and a coterie of Never-Trump Republicans in their over-six-year witch hunt — and is one of the…

Join ‘Militant’ in fight to end ban in Arizona federal prison!

Vol. 86/No. 32 - September 5, 2022

UPDATE The Militant was informed Sept. 1, after the latest issue had already gone to press, that prison authorities at the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix reversed the ban on issues no. 23 and 25. “Please be advised that the…

Striking coal miners: ‘We’ll stay out as long as it takes’

Union rejects $13.3 million fine levied by NLRB
Vol. 86/No. 32 - September 5, 2022
United Mine Workers President Cecil Roberts speaks to 200 miners, supporters in Brookwood, Alabama, Aug. 17. United Mine Workers have been on strike at Warrior Met since April 2021.

BROOKWOOD, Ala. – “We’re not going to give in to Warrior Met,” striking United Mine Workers of America member Greg Pilkerton told the Militant as people were gathering for the union’s solidarity rally here Aug. 17. He is one of…