Protests in Norway defend women’s right to abortion

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
Thousands marched in Oslo and around Norway Nov. 17 against threatened law to restrict women’s right to choose abortion. Middle sign says, “Abortion is not a bargaining chip.”

OSLO, Norway — Over 15,000 supporters of a woman’s right to choose abortion mobilized in 34 cities nationwide Nov. 17, marching against a proposed law that would restrict this right. “I feel it should be up to the woman,” Ine…

‘Speak out against attacks by bosses, their government’

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
Socialist Workers Party member Joel Britton, left, speaks with Marriott hotel striker and UNITE HERE member Carlos Zevallos at Westin St. Francis hotel in San Francisco Nov. 18. Zevallos got a Militant subscription. “Without the union,” he said, “I might be one of the homeless.”

“Socialist Workers Party members across the country join with, and speak out in defense of, all those who are hit by attacks from the bosses and their government — like the striking Marriott hotel workers; workers who lost everything in…

France: ‘Yellow Vests’ protests hit gas tax, Macron government

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
Over 250,000 demonstrators rallied throughout France Nov. 17 in an explosion of anger against rising gas prices. Sign says new taxes are “the drop of diesel that overflows the gas tank.”

Some 280,000 demonstrators took to the streets, especially in smaller towns and more rural areas, in France Nov. 17 to protest rising gasoline taxes that impact workers, self-employed and small farmers the most. Protesters blocked roads with their cars and…

Brazil vote reflects toilers’ anger at corruption, crime and crisis

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
June 15, 2013, protest in Brasilia, against government of Workers’ Party leader Dilma Rousseff’s plan for massive funding of World Cup, at same time health care, transportation deteriorated.

In the midst of a deepening economic, social and moral crisis, accentuated by widespread government corruption, Jair Bolsonaro of the Social Liberal Party was elected Oct. 28 in a runoff against Workers’ Party candidate Fernando Haddad. The liberal media, from…

Calif. wildfire carnage is product of capitalist rule

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
Volunteers wearing masks to keep out smoky air serve food to fire survivors at Walmart encampment Nov. 15. Hundreds of workers are volunteering in face of government inaction.

CHICO, Calif. — Working people in Paradise, Magalia and other towns near here were hit by one of the worst wildfires — named the Camp Fire — in state history, burning over 150,000 acres in Butte County beginning Nov. 8.…

Voting rights amendment for ex-prisoners wins big majority

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018

The passage of Amendment 4 in Florida restoring voting rights to most people convicted of felonies there is an important victory for working people and gives an impetus to similar fights across the country. The owners of the New York…

Florida voting rights victory is gain for the working class!

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
Oct. 27 actions took place across Florida for Amendment 4. Measure won by 64 percent, restoring voting rights to over a million former prisoners, inspiring fights in other states.

The following statement was issued Nov. 21 by John Studer, organizer of the Socialist Workers Party national campaign. The elections in Florida were the most important for working people in the U.S. this year for one reason — the amendment…

‘Angola experience had a big impact on consciousness in Cuba’

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
Members of Cuban women’s antiaircraft artillery unit, May 1989, after return from Angola following defeat of South African invasion. “Cuban volunteers on internationalist missions,” said Zayas, “are learning about capitalism, about the exploitation of man by man.”

Below is an excerpt from Soldier of the Cuban Revolution: From the Cane Fields of Oriente to General of the Revolutionary Armed Forces by Luis Alfonso Zayas. As a teenager Zayas joined the July 26 Revolutionary Movement led by Fidel…

Uber drivers strike in India, demand fares they can live on

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018
Uber and Ola drivers strike and rally Nov. 19 in Mumbai, India, demanding higher fares, guaranteed minimum income. Two-day strike was suspended when government promised talks.

Thousands of drivers for Uber and Ola resumed their strike against the bosses at these app-based companies in India Nov. 17, snarling traffic. They are demanding higher fares, a guaranteed minimum base pay and more sustainable work hours. After a…

‘Militant’ wins round against Florida prison censorship

Vol. 82/No. 45 - December 3, 2018

In another — but unexpected — victory in the fight against prison censorship of the Militant,  the Florida prison system’s Literature Review Committee says it made “an error” in upholding the ban on the Sept. 17 issue of the paper.…