25, 50, and 75 years ago

March 7, 2022

March 10, 1997

U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright began a nine-country world tour in Rome February 16 to press the Clinton administration’s foreign policy for the U.S. capitalist class. Foremost on Albright’s agenda was an aggressive campaign to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into central and eastern Europe. 

The move would place imperialist military forces in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and assert Washington’s growing economic and military dominance in Europe.

Russia’s National Security Council deputy secretary Boris Berezovsky called the NATO expansion “a totally aggressive decision with regard to Russia.” He said the Kremlin would have to respond to the imperialist military moves “in the direction of defense.” 

March 10, 1972

Five thousand people are homeless in West Virginia, 70 are dead, and 200-350 are missing in the aftermath of the flood that destroyed 14 mining communities along Buffalo Creek.

The disaster brought forth statements of the utmost hypocrisy. Federal mining officials described the flood caused by the collapse of a coal-waste pile used by the Pittston mining company as a “tragic mistake.’’ A vice-president of Pittston said the company considered the death and destruction to be caused by “the flood, which we believe, of course, to be an act of God.”

But this disaster was neither a “mistake” nor an “act of God.” It was another catastrophe caused by the negligent practices of a mining company. Responsibility also rests with the federal government and the state of West Virginia.

March 8, 1947

Without bothering to wait for Congressional approval, still less approval of the American people, the State Department replied favorably to a request of British imperialism for help in keeping the Greek people strapped in the strait-jacket of the reactionary monarchy. [President] Truman told Democratic and Republican leaders of Congress that Britain could hold out no longer than March 31 against the resistance of the Greek masses.

If Allied bayonets should be withdrawn, the monarch would collapse. The Greek people would set up a government of their own choice. Wall Street is in deadly fear of such a development.

Britain is forced to draw back because she is on the verge of collapse. Wall Street is thus in position to fall heir to the British empire.