March 7, 2022

Tennessee sub getting through

I am writing to check in and tell you I am still receiving the Militant  and love my subscription you have given me freely from donations. Ya’ll guys are the best and thank you.

Will you please renew my subscription for me?

I can’t wait to receive my next issue.

A prisoner
Hartsville, Tennessee

Editor’s note: Another prisoner in Tennessee had informed us he wasn’t getting his paper and asked if we could do anything about it. We wrote to other subscribers there to see if they were getting their papers, and got the answer above. The Militant’s attorney contacted Tennessee officials, who said they had corrected a “misunderstanding” and affirmed that the Militant  is an “approved publication.” When we hear back from the inmate who was having a problem, we’ll let readers know. We fight every time we are banned or censored, and almost always win. If you’re behind bars and have a problem getting your subscription, be sure to let us know.