Join SWP campaigning at May Day actions

Vol. 86/No. 18 - May 9, 2022

The Socialist Workers Party and its candidates for public office invite you to join us and thousands of other working people and youth at International Workers Day actions May 1. May Day — which was revived in the U.S. in…

Garbage workers strike in Novosibirsk, Siberia

Vol. 86/No. 18 - May 9, 2022
Whatever views participants at the book presentation might have on Moscow’s military assault on Ukraine, Waters said, “We all sense that the first large land war on the European continent in more than 75 years signals a new stage in the unraveling of the imperialist world order.” Above, March 21 protest in Kherson, Ukraine, against Moscow’s occupation.

Trash pickup drivers went on strike in mid-April in Novosibirsk, in south central Russia, after they discovered their bosses — the Eco-Trans-N complex — had lost their fleet of 86 trucks for unpaid debts. Company officials told them they would…

Maidan uprising strengthened the working class in Ukraine

Vol. 86/No. 18 - May 9, 2022
Militant reporting team visited Independence Square, Kyiv, March 17, 2014. Trade Union House, above, was burned out a month earlier as pro-Moscow regime waged deadly attacks on huge Maidan popular uprising before President Yanukovych fled. Inset, miner at Donetsk tent on Maidan reading the Militant. The tent is shown on the right in the main picture above.

Refusing to surrender to Moscow’s invasion, Ukrainians are fighting to defend their country’s independence and courageously protesting when their villages and towns are occupied, as the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin attempts to subjugate them and crush their country.…

Debate over death penalty, rights of inmates deepens

Vol. 86/No. 18 - May 9, 2022

When Carl Wayne Buntion was executed by lethal injection at the state penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas, April 21, his lawyers said it violated the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting “cruel and unusual punishment.” The 78-year-old prisoner was confined to…

Sri Lanka protests continue as crisis grows, demand gov’t resign

Vol. 86/No. 18 - May 9, 2022
April 23 protests in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital, demand President Gotabaya Rajapaksa resign over soaring inflation, power outages, shortages of food and fuel that are devastating millions.

Weeks of protests by tens of thousands of workers, farmers and youth continue across Sri Lanka, demanding President Gotabaya Rajapaksa resign. Soaring inflation, spreading power outages and shortages of food and fuel are devastating millions, as the country’s rulers put…

Toronto meeting celebrates life of Reza Baraheni

Vol. 86/No. 18 - May 9, 2022

TORONTO — A tribute was held here April 17 to Reza Baraheni, a leader of the fight for political and artistic freedom in Iran and one of its most prominent poets, novelists and literary critics. Baraheni died in March at…

Chevron refinery workers fight for more staffing, wages

Vol. 86/No. 18 - May 9, 2022

RICHMOND, Calif. — On strike since March 21, members of United Steelworkers Local 5, which represents over 500 production and maintenance workers, are picketing 24/7 at the Chevron oil refinery here and winning support. Strikers on the picket line April…