What’s at stake in Jersey City debate over anti-Semitism?

Vol. 84/No. 3 - January 27, 2020
Thousands march in New York against deadly Jew-hatred attack on deli in Jersey City. Rulers scapegoat Jews as evil cabal responsible for high rents and all social ills, not capitalist system.

UNION CITY, N.J. — A sharp debate broke out when an elected member of the Jersey City Board of Education made blatantly anti-Semitic statements, justifying the murderous attack on the JC Kosher Supermarket Dec. 10. Joan Terrell-Paige posted an anti-Jewish…

NY meeting discusses Sankara’s legacy today

Vol. 83/No. 48 - December 30, 2019
Panelists at “Legacy of Thomas Sankara” meeting held Dec. 8 in Harlem. From right, Boukary Sawadogo, professor at City College of New York; Issa Zoungrana, representative of Stand for Life and Liberty; Inem Richardson, student at Barnard College; chairperson Boukary Salogo; Basninwende Isonore Dianda, grade school teacher in Harlem; and Peter Thierjung, Socialist Workers Party.

NEW YORK — “Thirty-two years ago Thomas Sankara was assassinated. Today our voices are raised with his ideas,” said chairperson Boukary Salogo, opening a Dec. 8 program here in Harlem featuring a panel of speakers on “Thomas Sankara’s Legacy Today.”…

NY event discusses ‘Thomas Sankara’s Legacy Today’

Vol. 83/No. 47 - December 23, 2019

NEW YORK — Some 100 people attended a program at the Harlem YMCA here Dec. 8 on “Thomas Sankara’s Legacy Today: Sankara Everywhere, Sankara Nowhere.” Speaking were Basninwende Isonore Dianda, a teacher; Inem Richardson, a Barnard College student and researcher;…

May 1 actions demand driver’s licenses, amnesty for immigrants

Vol. 83/No. 19 - May 13, 2019
Marchers in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, chanted “Licenses yes, promises no” on May Day. Handmade signs were everywhere. For many it was their first time joining a protest action.

PERTH AMBOY, N.J. — More than 250 people from across the state — including construction, restaurant and factory workers and small-business people — marched here May 1 to demand driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Sponsored by Cosecha, it was one…

Argentine supporters of right to abortion say ‘we will win’

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

After more than 16 hours of debate, with tens of thousands of protesters gathered outside on both sides of the issue, Argentina’s Senate Aug. 9 in a 38-31 vote defeated a bill that would have legalized abortion in the first…

New York rally backs striking Spectrum cable workers

Vol. 82/No. 15 - April 16, 2018
Hundreds of workers rally March 28 in New York to back Spectrum cable workers, members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, on strike for a year against concessions.

NEW YORK — Hundreds of workers rallied to back International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 3 members on strike against Charter Communications/Spectrum March 28 outside the company’s headquarters in midtown Manhattan. The spirited demonstration marked the one-year anniversary of the…

Women’s right to abortion under attack in Mississippi

Vol. 82/No. 14 - April 9, 2018

So far this year state officials in Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, South Carolina and others have proposed laws that would ban abortions from six to 20 weeks after conception. In Ohio a bill introduced March 19 would ban all abortions,…

NY Forum: ‘Sankara spoke for oppressed and exploited’

Vol. 82/No. 12 - March 26, 2018

NEW YORK — “Thomas Sankara spoke for the oppressed and exploited, and against the imperialist world order, which he showed can be fought and explained must be replaced,” Socialist Workers Party speaker Peter Thierjung told some 40 participants at a…

Nassar conviction gain for women, judge’s conduct undercuts rights

Vol. 82/No. 7 - February 19, 2018

The exposure of the extent of sexual abuse by sports doctor Lawrence Nassar, who worked for the U.S.A. Gymnastics team, the United States Olympic Committee, Michigan State University, Karolyi ranch and other sports training centers, has drawn international attention and…