Larry Quinn: 20-year cadre of the Socialist Workers Party

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020
Above, speakers at March 15 meeting celebrating life of Larry Quinn. From left, Samantha Hamlin, SWP candidate with Quinn last year; Paul Mailhot, member of SWP National Committee; chairperson Jacob Perasso, and Tony Lane, from Pittsburgh, who worked in coal mines with Quinn. Inset, crowd at the meeting.

ALBANY, N.Y. — More than 60 people attended a meeting at the Everly Cromwell Community Center here March 15 to celebrate the political life of Larry Quinn, a 20-year cadre of the Socialist Workers Party who died March 6.  …

Cuba’s fight against Ebola in Africa is ‘a beacon of light’

Vol. 84/No. 7 - February 24, 2020
Cuban doctors and Guinean staff at shift change at the Coyah treatment center in Guinea, January 2015. “As they reported for duty, Cubans always made jokes,” writes Ubieta. “It lifted their spirits and those of patients and colleagues.”

During a winter when a new epidemic, the coronavirus, is spreading rapidly in China and beyond, when more traditional influenzas have killed some 20,000 people in the U.S. alone, and at a time when Washington is escalating its economic war…

Coal miners in Kentucky block tracks, win back pay

Vol. 84/No. 4 - February 3, 2020
Coal miners in eastern Kentucky Jan. 13 block Quest Energy bosses from moving coal they mined in fight over pay. The miners won widespread solidarity and all their back wages.

META, Ky. — For the second time in six months, coal miners in eastern Kentucky took action to protest working without pay by blocking a coal train, winning broad community support and forcing the bosses to pay what was owed…

Ky. miners block coal train in fight over unpaid wages

‘Somebody’s got to take a stand,’ miners say
Vol. 84/No. 3 - January 27, 2020
Coal miner Dustin Maynard, right, talks to press at miners’ blockade of rail tracks outside Quest mine in Kimper, Kentucky, Jan. 14. Protest builds on earlier action at Blackjewel mine.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A dozen Quest Energy coal miners and their families began blocking the railroad tracks near Kimper, Kentucky, Jan. 13 to protest the fact they haven’t been paid. They pledge to stay there until Quest, a subsidiary of…

Blackjewel miners’ encampment protest wins back pay

Vol. 83/No. 41 - November 11, 2019

Coal miners in Cumberland, Kentucky, who blocked a coal train for two months, have won their fight to get the wages owed them. Their final paychecks had been clawed back by bankrupt Blackjewel bosses in July. “The credit for this…

Independent truckers protest new gov’t regulations

Vol. 83/No. 38 - October 21, 2019
Independent truckers protest new gov’t regulations

Angry truckers staged a “10-4” protest on the Mall at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Oct. 4, above, to call attention to increasingly onerous government regulations that threaten the livelihood of independent owner-operators. When truckers use citizens band radio,…

Blackjewel miners end protest camp, fight goes on

Vol. 83/No. 37 - October 14, 2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Miners who had blocked the railroad near Cumberland, Kentucky, since July 29 took down the encampment, cleaned the area and ended this phase of their struggle Sept. 26. But, they and their supporters said that this doesn’t…

Blackjewel miners keep up camp, say ‘No pay, we stay!

Vol. 83/No. 36 - October 7, 2019

CUMBERLAND, Ky. — Coal miners have been camped out for eight weeks just outside this town of 2,000 in Harlan County blocking Blackjewel bosses from moving trainloads of coal. Blackjewel LLC, the sixth largest coal company in the U.S., declared…

Coal miners at Blackjewel ‘stand up for what’s right’

Vol. 83/No. 35 - September 30, 2019

CUMBERLAND, Ky. — Miners laid off and robbed of their wages by Blackjewel coal bosses July 1 are keeping up their encampment they set up July 29 to block the railroad track. They organized the protest on the tracks leading…