Back striking Steelworkers fighting ATI union busting!

Join the picket lines, send support, donations
Vol. 85/No. 15 - April 19, 2021
Steelworkers picket at ATI in Lockport, New York. Union members are on strike in five states.

WASHINGTON, Pa. — “The concession stand is closed,” was the slogan used by Steelworkers at Allegheny Technologies Inc. when the bosses locked them out for seven months in 2015-16. Today some 1,300 United Steelworkers members are on strike against ATI…

Massachusetts nurses fight for safety, patients

Vol. 85/No. 15 - April 19, 2021
Nurses’ strike “is about safe care,“ nurse Bill Lahey, right, told rail workers Jacob Perasso, left, and Joe Allen, second from right, in Worcester, Mass., March 31.

WORCESTER, Mass. — “This strike isn’t about the money, it’s about safe care,” Bill Lahey, a nurse for 44 years at St. Vincent Hospital here, told Joe Allen and myself, two rail workers who came to show solidarity from Albany,…

Quebec state workers fight gov’t attacks on unions, public services

Vol. 85/No. 15 - April 19, 2021
Public sector workers protest in Montreal March 31, part of fight for a contract, to stop government attacks on wages and working conditions, for more funds to schools and other services.

MONTREAL — Under the slogan, “Sound the alarm for public services,” over 1,000 teachers, nurses and other government workers simultaneously rallied at the Quebec National Assembly in Quebec City and at Premier Francois Legault’s office here in downtown  March 31.…

Oregon medical workers win first union contract

Vol. 85/No. 15 - April 19, 2021

BEND, Ore. — Medical technicians, therapists and other workers at St. Charles Medical Center overwhelmingly ratified their first union contract March 31. They had voted to join the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals in 2019 and had been…

Coal miners in Alabama stand up to Warrior Met

Vol. 85/No. 15 - April 19, 2021
United Mine Workers of America Local 2397 members on picket line at Warrior Met mine No. 7, April 2. At left is Tyler Bittle; right, Antwon McGee. Over 1,100 went on strike day before.

Members of the United Mine Workers voted April 9 to reject the tentative agreement reached with the owners of Warrior Met Coal April 5. The strike continues. BROOKWOOD, Ala. – More than 1,100 United Mine Workers of America members struck…

Build solidarity with ATI Steelworkers on strike!

Fight attack on their jobs, health care and union
Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021
March 30 picket line in Washington, Pennsylvania, first day of strike against ATI. Steelworkers haven’t had a raise since 2014, face boss demands to cut jobs, add more divisive wage tiers.

BRACKENRIDGE, Pa. — Scores of union steelworkers joined picket lines at the Allegheny Technologies Inc. mill here March 30, and at the mill in Washington, as 1,300 United Steelworkers members in five states struck against the company’s profit-driven concession demands.…

Montreal longshore workers fight for safety on the job

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

MONTREAL — By an almost unanimous vote March 21 longshore workers at the Port of Montreal rejected the latest “final” concession contract demands by the Maritime Employers Association. The online strike authorization vote by members of Canadian Union of Public…

Steelworkers in Farrell, Pennsylvania, end strike

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

Over 400 members of United Steelworkers Local 1016-3, who had been on strike for six months against NLMK Steel in Farrell, Pennsylvania, voted up a four-year contract March 1. At the center of the strike was workers’ efforts to keep…

‘Safety is in the hands of these fighters’

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

Below is a letter the Militant received from Jeri Mullan about the Marathon workers fight in St. Paul Park. I have been following with special interest the Militant coverage of the Marathon oil workers’ fight in St. Paul Park. For…