Protest in Syria: Down with Assad! Moscow, Tehran out of our country

Vol. 84/No. 24 - June 22, 2020
Mainly youthful protesters in Suweida, southern Syria, June 7, chanted “Get out Bashar,” and “Syria is for us, it is not for Assad’s family.” They called for Russian and Iranian forces, which have propped up Bashar al-Assad’s regime during brutal civil conflicts since 2011, to get out.

Chanting, “The people want the fall of the regime” and other slogans calling for the toppling of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, hundreds of demonstrators marched in Suweida June 7. This is an area in Syria where most people backed Assad…

Workers resist clampdown on protests by gov’t in Chile

Vol. 84/No. 23 - June 15, 2020
Road blocked by some of 500 workers in 43-day strike at Promasa, a lumber company in Los Ángeles, Chile, one of number of recent strikes and protests. Mass anti-government protests that began in October “are going to explode again soon,” union leader at Holdtech strike predicted.

“The company, the supervisors, the government authorities, the police, the virus and the rain are all against us,” said Claudio Higueras Osorio, union president and one of nearly 500 workers on strike at Promasa, a lumber company in Los Ángeles,…

Yakima fruit packers fight for wages, hours, safety

Vol. 84/No. 23 - June 15, 2020

YAKIMA, Wash. — Fruit packing plant workers continue their weekslong strikes for higher wages and safer working conditions at Columbia Reach Pack here and at Matson Fruit in Selah, Washington. Strikers at Matson returned to work after the bosses said…

Cuban leaders turn to working people to lead the way forward

Vol. 84/No. 22 - June 8, 2020
Young people in Havana planting cucumbers at La Batalla farm May 23. Union of Young Communists is leading workers, farmers and youth to expand agricultural production to cut into food shortages caused by deepening world capitalist crisis, punishing U.S. trade sanctions.

Like it has done ever since the fight to overthrow the U.S.-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista began, the revolutionary leadership in Cuba has turned to working people to lead the way again. They are doing so to confront the impact…

Irish Debenhams workers keep up protests in fight for their jobs

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020

MANCHESTER, England — “We’re keeping the pressure up,” laid-off Debenhams store worker Jane Crowe told the Militant in a phone interview May 14. She and other workers are continuing to mount regular protests outside 11 of its chain department stores…

School, municipal, cleaning workers win strike in Iceland

Vol. 84/No. 20 - May 25, 2020

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — “I’m fighting for better wages and better conditions. If not now, then when?” home care worker Dogg Asgeirsdottir told the National Broadcasting Service May 5. Along with 270 other workers in schools and kindergartens, cleaners and other…

Hong Kong protest movement revives with May 1 rallies

Vol. 84/No. 19 - May 18, 2020

Hundreds of workers and youth have moved to reorganize mass protests that have shaken Hong Kong for months, demanding greater freedom, action against the cops who have attacked demonstrations, and a break from the iron grip of the Chinese rulers.…

Irish department store workers defy lockdown, protest layoffs

Vol. 84/No. 18 - May 11, 2020

MANCHESTER, England — “We are not just numbers on a sheet, we are going to fight,” sacked Debenhams department store worker Valerie Conlon said as she joined a protest outside the store in Cork, Ireland, April 21. Some 2,000 Debenhams…