Victory won in fight against curbs on right to worship

Vol. 84/No. 49 - December 14, 2020

An important victory for the constitutional right of freedom to worship was won Nov. 25 with the overturn of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s discriminatory lockdown limits on churches, synagogues and other places of worship. The U.S. Supreme Court granted…

Court backs Nevada gov’t attack on right to worship

Vol. 84/No. 32 - August 17, 2020
Above, Paris Las Vegas casino reopens June 18 based on Nevada governor’s 50% capacity rule, but churches and other religious institutions could only admit 50 people total. Supreme Court ruled against Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley’s challenge to this blow against freedom to worship.

In a serious attack on the constitutional right of freedom to worship, the U.S. Supreme Court voted July 24 to refuse to suspend a public health order imposed by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak limiting attendance at church services. It was…

Supreme Court upholds attack on right to worship

Vol. 84/No. 24 - June 22, 2020

In a dangerous violation of constitutional rights, the U.S. Supreme Court May 29 in a 5-4 vote upheld restrictions on freedom of worship imposed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Claiming to safeguard public health from coronavirus, Newsom compromised protections enshrined…