25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

November 5, 2018

November 8, 1993

SULLIVAN, Indiana — Sandbags have become a symbol in the Midwest for resistance against last summer’s devastating floods. For the 54 coal miners on strike at the Buck Creek mine here the sandbags stacked against the outer wall of the picket shack state their determination to win their first contract.

The United Mine Workers of America members had to fortify their shack after a gunman fired a number of rifle rounds into the structure from a tightly guarded company complex.

Local police have done little to investigate the shooting. “They’d have 20 cops there in a minute if somebody fired a gun in town,” said Mike Coffin, a 22-year-old striker at the picket shack. “One policeman answered our call, and he just went over to talk with the company. That’s the last we saw of him.” The Buck Creek miners have been on strike since April 1.

November 8, 1968

NEW YORK — On Nov. 12 a mass political trial of 110 students will begin in Puerto Rico. Florencio Merced, one of the 110, is now in the U.S. on a speaking tour to publicize the trial and to win support for the students.

Merced told the Militant that all Puerto Rico will be watching the trial, which is part of an attempt by authorities to repress the growing revolutionary student movement there. Many of the defendants are leaders of the Federation of University Students for Independence.

Eight-five of the defendants are charged with refusing induction into the U.S. Army, and the other 25 are facing five charges stemming from a demonstration organized by FUPI at the University of Puerto Rico in September 1967. The demonstration was attacked by police, and a taxi driver was killed and four students wounded when the police opened fire on the students.

November 6, 1943

The city government of Moultrie, Georgia, has enacted a “work or fight” program which is to be administered by the bosses and enforced by the police and courts. Cards are to be distributed to all workers showing their place and hours of employment. Workers are required to carry these cards at all times.

The police department has been authorized to make a check of all persons caught “idling or loitering” on the streets. If an individual has no card or is away from his job during normal working hours, he will be arrested and arraigned in court.

Since the war for the “Four Freedoms” started, the American workers have been losing more and more of their freedom every day. They have lost the right to strike. They are no longer permitted to quit their jobs. The Southern Bourbons have taught us: the fight for democracy begins at home.