November 5, 2018

Please come to Anoka

I would like Socialist Workers Party members to visit Anoka, Minnesota. It is heavily working class and was heavily affected by the depression. I just see such brutal conditions for the workers and the poor in places like Anoka. It would be great to see their presence there. It is a fairly conservative area, with a very anti-union mentality, though.
Byron Johnson-Blanchard
by email

Working class defense of art

The articles about the working class defense and need for art have been my favorites in the past few weeks.
Portland, Oregon

‘Militant’ makes sense

I saw your article about the bus strike in Hamilton. Great! I love the Militant’s coverage of U.S. politics. I don’t read mainstream media coverage (“hysterical” to quote Militant writer Terry Evans), but it’s been almost impossible to find anything else to read that makes sense to me. This does!
Alison McCulloch
Tauranga, New Zealand

Verbal incivility

I see the verbal incivility in society now moving into turmoil and explosions on quite a scale, including perhaps even some murder attempts on elected President Trump, from his foes both outside and inside the state security system. And on the Clinton grouping too. I suggest that you consider changing the banner-name to: The Working-Class Militant.
Martin Marriott
by email

US has done worse

I am a working-class militant and union fighter who did not have a job for many years, and now I am back to work with a small pay raise. The liberals don’t know much about the lives and times of people like me. If they did, they would not be so crazy about the Russian issues. I am pretty sure that the U.S. has done worse.
Joan Smith
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania