Hospital workers in Pittsburgh mount one-day strike

Vol. 82/No. 41 - November 5, 2018

PITTSBURGH — Carrying signs saying, “Hospital Workers Rising” and “UPMC: Respect Our Rights,” 100 hospital workers and supporters from the United Steelworkers and other unions carried the fight for a union to the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, the headquarters of…

Demand amnesty for all immigrants in the US!

Vol. 82/No. 41 - November 5, 2018

The following statement was released Oct. 24 by Róger Calero, Socialist Workers Party candidate for governor of New York. The capitalist economic crisis is taking a heavy toll on workers around the world. And the imperialist plunder of the semicolonial…

Honduras immigrant caravan shows depth of capitalist crisis

Vol. 82/No. 41 - November 5, 2018
Honduran and other Central Americans march through Mexico Oct. 21 on way to U.S. border. Honduran toilers face crisis of both imperialist pillage and exploitation from native capitalists.

Thousands of Hondurans, overwhelmingly workers and farmers, have traveled through Guatemala into Mexico, and are making their way toward the U.S. border, hoping to enter the United States with or without permission of U.S. authorities. The size of the caravan,…

Capitalist rulers in Mideast step up rivalry after killing of Khashoggi

Vol. 82/No. 41 - November 5, 2018

Jamal Khashoggi, a writer and Islamist opponent of the Saudi government, was assassinated inside the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul Oct. 2. Since then, the capitalist governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the U.S., Moscow and other regimes in the region…

Montreal march hits gov’t plan to ban religious symbols

Vol. 82/No. 40 - October 29, 2018

MONTREAL — Several thousand people marched through the downtown streets here Oct. 7 protesting plans announced by the newly elected Coalition for the Future of Quebec (CAQ) to follow through on a campaign promise to ban the wearing of religious…

Join Socialist Workers Party 2018 Campaign!

Workers need to build their own party, a labor party
Vol. 82/No. 40 - October 29, 2018

Working people are living through times today we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. The working class remains at the center of politics in the U.S. as the 2018 midterm elections are less than three weeks away. Although no one can…

Join SWP in taking its campaign out to workers!

Vol. 82/No. 40 - October 29, 2018
Dan Fein, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Illinois governor, talks with Willie Norwood, right, in Kankakee. Bedrock of party’s campaigning is going door to door to talk with workers

The Militant calls on working people to join the Socialist Workers Party candidates campaigning up to the Nov. 6 elections. They are the only candidates who explain that working people need to break from the bosses’ political parties, the Democrats and…