November 26, 2018

Stop prison abuse!

As you know, Pennsylvania prison mail now goes through Smart Communications in Florida. I received a letter from my mother tonight that took 18 days to get here!

I would like to read your Sept. 17 issue which was banned in Florida prisons. I would like to read about solitary confinement in California and the Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov’s hunger strike.

There is a Black man here with mental health issues who cut himself today. They took him out of his cell, maced him, and put him back in his cell with a smock!

The Department of Corrections abuses their power on a daily basis. And it needs to stop.

Your paper is the voice of the people and a light for all!
A prisoner

Mail room censorship

Just to let you know that anytime you talk about the California Department of Corrections prisons, the mailroom takes them so I don’t get those papers. Thank you for your paper and support.
A prisoner