India farmers win! After year of protest, gov’t backs down

Vol. 85/No. 45 - December 6, 2021

A year of massive protests by working farmers in India has forced Prime Minister Narendra Modi to announce Nov. 19 he had decided to withdraw laws that threaten their livelihoods. The measures would have removed state-guaranteed minimums for staple grain…

Two frame-up victims exonerated. So who really killed Malcolm X?

Vol. 85/No. 45 - December 6, 2021
Malcolm X speaks to young people in Selma, Alabama, Feb. 4, 1965, during bloody battle for right of Blacks to vote. Both U.S. government and leadership of Nation of Islam feared Malcolm’s revolutionary course and development as a leader for the whole working class.

Two of the three men convicted for the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965 were exonerated Nov. 18. The decision reverses a decadeslong frame-up by the capitalist “justice” system.  The convictions of Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam were overturned by…

Defend political rights won in blood!

Vol. 85/No. 45 - December 6, 2021

Under capitalist rule, the bosses use their courts, cops and control of state power to advance and defend their drive to extract maximum profits from the labor of working people at home and abroad. Bosses got compliant judges to issue…

Pittsburgh medical workers rally for wage raise, union

Vol. 85/No. 45 - December 6, 2021
Hundreds rally at Pittsburgh Medical Center Nov. 18, organized by SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania union, to demand $20 starting wage, better benefits and union representation.

PITTSBURGH — Hundreds of workers rallied Nov. 18 at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center headquarters here demanding a $20-an-hour starting wage, better benefits, forgiveness of medical debt and union representation. The action, organized by SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, was organized…

UK steel scaffolder strikers escalate fight, solidarity is key

Vol. 85/No. 45 - December 6, 2021

SCUNTHORPE, England — Sixty scaffolders on strike at the giant British Steel site here since Oct. 4 are escalating their fight for pay parity and efforts to win support from steelworkers in the plant and across the region. The Unite…

25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

Vol. 85/No. 45 - December 6, 2021

December 9, 1996 PITTSBURGH — Nearly 1,000 high school students marched and rallied here to protest the not guilty verdict acquitting John Vojtas, one of the policemen who had been on trial in the killing of Jonny Gammage in October…

Workers control over production key to defense of land and labor

Vol. 85/No. 45 - December 6, 2021
Capitalist ruling class controls production, and is responsible for degradation of environment and unsafe working conditions. Above, coal miners 1969 march in Charleston, West Virginia, as they fought for control over mine conditions and black lung benefits during hard-fought strike.

Set up as a platform for over 190 heads of state — and thousands of corporate CEOs, nongovernment organizations and other hangers on — the United Nations climate change summit was no more successful than any of its 25 earlier…