Working people in El Salvador seek way out of capitalist crisis

Vol. 87/No. 22 - June 5, 2023
Prisoners at so-called Terrorist Confinement Center in Tecoluca, El Salvador. The prison is built to hold 40,000 people. Those incarcerated hit 4,000 in March, one month after it opened.

Riding a high approval rating amid widespread crime from his “war on gangs,” President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador is paving the way for reelection in 2024 despite a constitutional prohibition on serving a second term. On May 10, Bukele…

More Pathfinder books are now up at

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023

Spread the word! Pathfinder’s latest title, The Low Point of Labor Resistance Is Behind Us: The Socialist Workers Party Looks Forward, is now available at for workers and others who are blind or face other barriers to reading print…

‘Militant,’ book, fund campaigns go over the top!

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023
“The government is responsible for the crisis in the health care system,” hospital worker Eliane St-Germain, right, told Communist League campaigner Rosemary Ray at protest in Quebec, May 13. St-Germain got Militant subscription, The Low Point of Labor Resistance Is Behind Us.

The international campaign to expand the reach of the Militant, sell books by Socialist Workers Party leaders and other revolutionaries, and raise needed funds for the paper has been a big success. Members of the SWP and Communist Leagues in…

25, 50, and 75 years ago

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023

June 1, 1998 Indonesian president Suharto announced his resignation May 21 under the mounting pressure of tens of thousands of workers, students, and others who converged on the parliament the day before demanding his ouster. The social crisis choking Indonesia…

What is road forward for the working class in 2024 election?

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023

The 2024 presidential campaign is well underway, with Donald Trump, Joseph Biden, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and more announced or just running. Biden threw his hat in the ring via video, evidently not wanting to make…

Welcome to new ‘Militant’ readers

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023

The Militant  extends a warm welcome to new readers who subscribed during the recent campaign to increase its readership. The paper is true to its masthead — a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people. Its reports on…

Rail workers build support for people of East Palestine

Residents seek control over cleanup, health care
Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023
Michelle and Dave Shaffer talk with SWP member Kaitlin Estill in East Palestine, Ohio, April 30. He said rail disaster proves “we can’t trust politicians, the government or Norfolk Southern.”

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — In an ongoing series of meetings here hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency, working people, farmers and small-business people continue to express their anger and distrust at claims being made by the railroad and government agencies.…

‘Malcolm X told the uncompromising revolutionary truth’

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023
Malcolm X speaking at the Militant Labor Forum in New York, May 29, 1964. Jack Barnes said he was “the face and the authentic voice of the forces of the coming American revolution.”

On the 98th anniversary of his birthday this month, the Militant is featuring a selection from  Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power by Jack Barnes, national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party. Barnes said that “Malcolm…

Conflicts, shifting alliances mark politics in Middle East

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023
Palestinians in Gaza apply for Israel work permits Oct. 6, 2021. Hamas has accord with Israeli gov’t for 20,000 permits. Islamic Jihad missile killed Gazan worker in Israel during recent clash.

After five days of trading missile fire, the Israeli government and Gaza-based Islamic Jihad agreed to a cease-fire May 13. The latest round of fighting — the 15th major clash between the Israeli army and Islamist militias in Gaza since…

Nurses in UK fight over pay and conditions in gov’t health system

Vol. 87/No. 21 - May 29, 2023

BY ANDRÉS MENDOZA, DAG TIRSÉN AND PAMELA HOLMES LONDON — Thousands of nurses and other health workers took part in a one-day work stoppage at half the hospitals across England May 1, in a long-running dispute with the government over…