Soldiers’ wives in Buryatia, east Siberia, appeal for husbands to be sent home from Ukraine war. “May the death of every soldier in this unjust war be on your conscience,” one told the gov’t.

Support Ukraine in fight against Moscow invasion!

Ukraine, Russian workers need to join against Putin’s war!

Determined to conquer Ukraine and crush its existence as an independent nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to resume their offensive in the east July 16. This cut short a 10-day-old pause aimed at replenishing their depleted and…

Workers need a program to fight high prices and unemployment

Soaring inflation over the past year and a half is battering the lives of millions of working people worldwide. Combined with the impact of the capitalist crisis on jobs, price hikes are making it increasingly difficult for workers to keep…

Join efforts to expand reach of ‘Militant,’ SWP campaign

Rachele Fruit, left, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Florida governor, introduced Militant to Christine Rotondo and Grace, her daughter, at Ft. Lauderdale women’s rights action July 13.

“I need this paper,” school teacher Juawana Kinnard told Socialist Workers Party member Anthony Dutrow as they sat on her porch in Cincinnati and she signed up to renew her Militant  subscription July 8.  “All the other news I see…

Biden Mideast trip illustrates decline of US imperialism

President Joseph Biden’s July 13-16 trip to the Middle East revealed the weakened state of U.S. imperialism and the inability of the Biden administration to achieve gains for the U.S. capitalist rulers against their rivals. For decades the Iranian rulers…


Boris Johnson ouster reflects political crisis of rulers in UK

Nurses march in London June 18 demanding government pay higher wages. Nervousness of U.K. rulers amid spreading shifts in capitalist “world order” and rising working-class anger over assaults on living standards led Conservative Party leaders to oust Boris Johnson.

LONDON — U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned as Conservative Party leader July 7, forced out by mounting pressure from working people and former supporters, and a tsunami of ministerial resignations. Fifty members of Parliament quit the government in just…

Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.