Court grants reprieve for ‘Dreamers,’ White House to refile to end program

Vol. 84/No. 26 - July 6, 2020

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling June 18 rejecting on procedural grounds the way the administration of President Donald Trump reached its decision to dismantle the “Dreamers” program. This Barack Obama-era program protects from deportation some 700,000 undocumented immigrants…

Amnesty for immigrant workers! Unify working class

Vol. 84/No. 16 - April 27, 2020

The social crisis unfolding today — marked by mass layoffs, attacks on working conditions and skirmishes with the bosses — is hitting hardest on working people. The propertied rulers seek to salvage, off our backs, their profits system and their…

Stop the raids! Amnesty for immigrants in the US!

Capitalist rulers aim to divide working class
Vol. 83/No. 31 - August 26, 2019
“We march so no other kid has to go through what we did,” 18-year-old Dulce Basurto-Arce said at Aug. 11 protest in Canton, Mississippi. Some signs read, “Our parents are not criminals.”

The arrest of 680 immigrant workers at seven poultry processing plants in six Mississippi cities Aug. 7 and the threat of their deportation is aimed at instilling fear among the millions of undocumented workers in the country and dividing the…

Do El Paso killings show a rise of white supremacists?

Vol. 83/No. 30 - August 19, 2019

Is the massacre of Latinos at a Walmart in El Paso by a rightist killer a sign that “there are more and more angry white people out there willing to commit mayhem”? as columnist Paul Krugman asserted in an Aug.…

‘Fight for amnesty for immigrants in the US!’

Vol. 83/No. 27 - July 29, 2019

The following statement by Lea Sherman, Socialist Workers Party candidate for New Jersey General Assembly, was released July 17. The New York Times  July 13 ran an editorial — “All Presidents Are Deporters in Chief” — admitting what the Socialist…

Thousands demand licenses, amnesty at May Day rallies

Vol. 83/No. 20 - May 20, 2019
“Immigrant workers need driver’s licenses, like everyone else,” Santos Ramos told Militant at May Day protest of 4,000 in Madison, Wisconsin. Demand is in interest of entire working class.

Tens of thousands of workers in small towns, large cities and rural areas across the U.S. took to the streets for International Workers Day May 1 as the capitalist bosses and their government bear down on workers’ living and working…

May 1 actions demand driver’s licenses, amnesty for immigrants

Vol. 83/No. 19 - May 13, 2019
Marchers in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, chanted “Licenses yes, promises no” on May Day. Handmade signs were everywhere. For many it was their first time joining a protest action.

PERTH AMBOY, N.J. — More than 250 people from across the state — including construction, restaurant and factory workers and small-business people — marched here May 1 to demand driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. Sponsored by Cosecha, it was one…

Amnesty for immigrants is key for working-class unity

Vol. 83/No. 18 - May 6, 2019
Rally in Bridgeton, New Jersey, March 17, organized by Cosecha to demand right to driver’s licenses for immigrant workers without papers. The fight for this necessity for a normal life strengthens the battle for amnesty, which would advance unity of the whole working class.

“Our country is full,” President Donald Trump told Fox News April 5. He was trying to justify new obstacles the White House is pressing on the right of asylum for those fleeing violence and other moves aimed at discouraging immigrants…

Join May Day protests for amnesty!

Vol. 83/No. 18 - May 6, 2019

This statement was released April 24 by Seth Galinsky, Socialist Workers Party candidate for New York City Public Advocate. He plans to participate in the May Day protest for driver’s licenses for all in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The Socialist…