Protests win support in fight to jail cop who killed Antwon Rose

Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018
Protests in Pittsburgh area have won broad support in working class to fight to convict Michael Rosfeld, cop who killed Antwon Rose. Above, truckers say, “Killing has got to stop!”

PITTSBURGH — Protests demanding justice in the East Pittsburgh cop killing of 17-year-old Antwon Rose continue throughout the area. They are pressing for the conviction for murder of Michael Rosfeld who shot Rose three times in the back after a…

‘Don’t deport Alonso Zaragoza! Amnesty now!’

Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018
‘Don’t deport Alonso Zaragoza! Amnesty now!’

OAKLAND, Calif — As part of the effort to keep her husband Alonso Zaragoza from being deported, Maria Torres, center, who works at both Walmart and McDonald’s, organized with her co-workers to pass out flyers to win support for the…

New Jersey march demands ‘Driver’s licenses for all!’

Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018
Immigrant rights group Cosecha walks for driver’s licenses in Camden, N.J., June 10.

CAMDEN, N.J. — Carrying a large banner reading “Driver’s Licenses for All,” and chanting, “Licencias sí! promesas no!” (Licenses yes, promises no), immigrants rights group Movimiento Cosecha led hundreds of workers and youth on an 11-day protest walk across New…

Coal miners in Ukraine mobilize to be paid back wages

Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018

On July 2 miners on first shift at underground mine No. 10 Novovolynska in the Volyn region of Ukraine refused to leave the mine at the end of the shift, and later the second shift joined them. They haven’t been…

The class-struggle road for workers to win political power

Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018
Truckers sign up by the hundreds for Teamsters union during over-the-road organizing campaign, June 1937. “As significant forces are set into motion,” writes Socialist Workers Party and union leader Farrell Dobbs, “increasingly sharp clashes with the bosses result, during which the workers begin to shed class-collaborationist illusions and acquire class-struggle concepts.”

Below is an excerpt from the “Afterword” to the new, enhanced edition of  Teamster Bureaucracy, the last of four books by Farrell Dobbs on how Socialist Workers Party members and other militant workers engaged in a series of strike battles…

New struggles today open door to build labor unions

Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018

Union officials, meritocratic heads of “progressive” nongovernmental organizations and the liberal media are predicting doom and gloom over a June 27 U.S. Supreme Court ruling called the Janus decision. On a 5-4 vote, the black-robed arbiters of ruling-class “justice” held…

Join July 12th protest against pension cuts!

Join Mine Workers, Teamsters in Columbus
Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018
Mine Workers union rally Oct. 14, 2015, Brookwood, Alabama, protests attacks on pensions, health care.

On July 12 thousands of union coal miners, teamsters, bakery workers, musicians and other workers from across the Midwest and beyond will rally in Columbus, Ohio, demanding the government take steps to maintain pensions of tens of thousands of retired…

1944 ruling to imprison Japanese-Americans thrown out

Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018

On June 26, as part of its decision to uphold the Donald Trump administration’s restrictions on travel to the United States, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned its infamous 1944 decision in Korematsu v. United States supporting the mass incarceration of…

SWP conference: Workers respond to shifts shaking world capitalist ‘order’

Part 2
Vol. 82/No. 26 - July 16, 2018
SWP National Secretary Jack Barnes, at podium, told conference that recent steps by Washington in Korea and Middle East, regardless of rulers’ aims, can help open space for workers to organize and gain combat experience against their own capitalist ruling classes.

This is the second of two articles on discussions and decisions at the Socialist Workers Party-sponsored Active Workers Conference, held June 14-16 in Oberlin, Ohio, and post-conference meeting of the party’s National Committee. Last week’s article described how teachers’ strikes…