Demand jobs! Back fights over wages, job conditions!

Support workers’ resistance against bosses, their gov’t
Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020
May 14 strike picket at Columbia Reach Pack fruit processing in Yakima, Washington. Workers at 6 plants are demanding 40-hour workweek, clean water, wage increase and job safety.

Workplace skirmishes, strikes, public protests and other resistance by workers and farmers are growing to challenge attacks today by bosses and their government on our jobs, wages and working conditions.  They have imposed crippling lockdowns on jobs and production, laying…

Fight for gov’t-funded public works program to create jobs

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020

Alyson Kennedy, the Socialist Workers Party 2020 candidate for president, issued the following statement May 19. Malcolm Jarrett is the party’s candidate for vice president. Strikes by workers at fruit packing plants in Washington state and independent truckers protesting in…

Germany’s high court ruling accelerates EU coming apart

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020
German court bars EU from using Berlin’s funding to bail out impoverished governments like Italy and Spain. German rulers offer instead to help EU make grants, accompanied by austerity regimens. Above, Nov. 6, 2012, rally in Greece against EU-imposed cuts on wages, pensions.

The economic and social crisis of capitalism weighing on working people worldwide, accelerated by the way the capitalist governments have responded to the coronavirus outbreak with far-reaching lockdowns on industry and trade, has greatly hastened the coming apart of the…

SWP ‘stimulus’ appeal fund at $85,400 and growing

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020

Michele Smith sent the following note with her contribution to the Socialist Workers Party’s special “stimulus” fund appeal: “At last, my economic impact payment arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m happy to send it.” Contributors to the special appeal now…

Truckers’ protest against low rates, red tape keeps growing

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020
SWP presidential candidate Alyson Kennedy, left, with truck dispatcher Janet Sanchez at D.C. truckers’ protest against low rates imposed by brokers and onerous government regulations.

WASHINGTON — Now in its third week, over 300 truckers are protesting here with their rigs lining both sides of Constitution Avenue near the U.S. Capitol — twice as many as a week ago. The drivers demand relief from low…

Irish Debenhams workers keep up protests in fight for their jobs

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020

MANCHESTER, England — “We’re keeping the pressure up,” laid-off Debenhams store worker Jane Crowe told the Militant in a phone interview May 14. She and other workers are continuing to mount regular protests outside 11 of its chain department stores…

Medicine in the US is capitalist business, not for health care

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020
Wounded mercenary is treated after capture at defeated U.S.-backed Bay of Pigs invasion, 1961. Even before the revolution, July 26 Movement provided medical care equally to workers, peasants, its own combatants and enemy soldiers. Today health care is freely available to all.

One of the excuses given by the capitalist rulers for their shutdown of production is the need to use their resources to fight COVID-19. But the social crisis working people face today reveals that there is no such thing as…

‘Prosecute vigilantes who killed Ahmaud, expose the cover-up’

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Shouts of “Justice for Maud” — Ahmaud Arbery’s nickname — rang out from the Glynn County Courthouse steps here May 16. The protest was organized to keep the pressure on authorities to prosecute the killing of the…

‘Militant’ gives voice to today’s struggles by working people

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020
Naomi Craine, right, SWP candidate for US Senate, talks with Riquel Salas in Rochelle, Illinois. In two hours campaigners sold seven Militant subscriptions and 12 books in nearby trailer park, reflecting interest in how the party organizes solidarity with workers’ struggles.

As growing numbers of workers are beginning to fight back against attacks on wages and working conditions today, Socialist Workers Party members are joining in and its candidates are calling for solidarity with strikes by farmworkers and sanitation workers, and…

Cindy Jaquith: 55-year cadre of Socialist Workers Party

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020

MIAMI — Members and supporters of the Socialist Workers Party gathered here May 10 to celebrate the life of Cindy Jaquith, a cadre of the SWP for 55 years. Jaquith died May 1 at 72. Participants in the celebration came…