Join and build the Socialist Workers Party 2018 campaign

Vol. 82/No. 36 - October 1, 2018

The propertied rulers organize their exploitation of working people, their wars and their class rule through the capitalist two party system. Workers will be urged and badgered to choose between the lesser of two evils this November and subordinate our…

Demand US rulers sign peace treaty with NKorea

SWP: Washington’s troops, weapons out now!
Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018
Sept. 9 Pyongyang parade on 70th anniversary of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, focused on economic development, reunification of Korea, with no display of nuclear missiles.

The Socialist Workers Party offers “unconditional solidarity with the Korean people’s struggle for withdrawal of all US troops and weaponry from the peninsula’s soil, skies and waters,” Steve Clark said in a Sept. 7 message on behalf of the SWP…

Join fight against prison censorship of ‘Militant’ in Florida, Illinois!

Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018

The fight continues against censorship of the Militant by prison authorities in Florida and at the federal facility in Greenville, Illinois. The issues posed are important for defending political rights won in centuries of hard-fought battles and the right of workers…

Workers at Whole Foods, Target take steps to organize

Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018

Talk of the need for a union among retail workers is in the air. Workers are getting fed up with low wages, speedup, threats of layoffs and abusive work schedules. And the expansion in the capitalist economy means workers are…

‘Convict Chicago cop who killed Laquan McDonald’

Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018

CHICAGO — Some 300 people rallied outside the Leighton Criminal Court Building here Sept. 5 on the opening day of the trial of cop Jason Van Dyke, who gunned down 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 2014. Van Dyke is charged…

Steelworkers authorize strikes at U.S. Steel amid contract talks

Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018
United Steelworkers members rally in front of U.S. Steel’s Gary Works in Indiana, Aug. 30.

Thousands of United Steelworkers members who work at U.S. Steel voted to authorize union officials to call a strike if a contract agreement isn’t reached with bosses soon. The vote was unanimous at many sites, including Gary, Indiana; Fairfield, Alabama;…

Sankara books welcomed at NY Burkina Faso festival

Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018
Above, participants in Festival Ouaga New York cultural event in the Bronx Sept. 1 enjoyed musicians and artists from Burkina Faso. Inset, table featuring books by Thomas Sankara and other titles by revolutionary working-class leaders attracted interest.

NEW YORK — The fourth annual Festival Ouaga New York, a two-day cultural event, attracted hundreds of participants, most of them immigrants from Burkina Faso now living in New York, other East Coast cities and abroad. Well-known musicians and artists…

Kentucky UFCW workers strike at Four Roses plants

Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018

COX’S CREEK, Ky. — Following a 100 percent solid vote authorizing a strike, 53 members of United Food and Commercial Workers locals 10-D and 23-D walked out Sept. 7 at two Kentucky Four Roses bourbon facilities. Spirited picket lines went…

Chicago hotel workers fight for health care, higher wages

Vol. 82/No. 35 - September 24, 2018
Hotel workers on strike in Chicago picket Hyatt Regency Sept. 7. “We need health insurance no matter what our hours were the previous months,” waitress Rafaela Sandoval told the Militant.

CHICAGO — Beginning at 5:30 a.m. Sept. 7, thousands of hotel workers, members of UNITE HERE Local 1, went on strike here to demand year-round health care and wage increases. Their union contract expired Sept. 1. Housekeepers, doormen, bellhops, cooks,…