Iran protests hit economic crisis, rulers Mideast wars

Vol. 83/No. 45 - December 9, 2019

Working people have joined anti-government demonstrations in some 100 cities and towns across Iran, protesting the Iranian rulers’ military intervention across the Mideast and the government’s doubling of fuel prices.  The actions take place as the political and economic crisis…

Protests in Colombia, Chile resist government attacks

Vol. 83/No. 45 - December 9, 2019
Days after hundreds of thousands of union workers, students, indigenous and farmers joined anti-government actions across Colombia, protests and strikes continued in Bogota Nov. 25.

A wave of protests by working people is shaking capitalist regimes from Chile to Ecuador to Colombia today. And they are a challenge to Washington’s progress in asserting its imperialist sway in the hemisphere.  New governments elected in Ecuador and…

DC protest: Cops who killed Bijan Ghaisar should face charges!

Vol. 83/No. 45 - December 9, 2019
Nov. 17 protest at Lincoln Memorial demanding prosecution of cops who killed Bijan Ghaisar. At left is his sister, Negeen Ghaisar, with her husband. At right is his father, James Ghaisar.

WASHINGTON — Family members and others gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial Nov. 17 to protest after federal prosecutors decided not to file charges against U.S. Park Police officers Alejandro Amaya and Lucas Vinyard for the 2017 killing of…

Solidarity with copper strikers fighting Asarco union busting!

Vol. 83/No. 45 - December 9, 2019
Strikers and supporters at pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Mission mine picket line near Sahuarita, Arizona, Nov. 24. Asarco is trying to break the union by hiring strikebreakers.

Some 1,700 copper workers at four open-pit mine and processing complexes in Arizona and a refinery in Amarillo, Texas, have been on strike against mining giant Asarco since Oct. 13, fighting the bosses’ draconian union-busting demands.  Asarco’s “last, best and…

SWP fall drive gets truth out about workers’ strike battles

Vol. 83/No. 45 - December 9, 2019
SWP member and rail worker Deborah Liatos speaks with Asarco striker Jim Wagener at Nov. 18 rally in Tucson, Arizona. He got a Militant subscription and In Defense of US Working Class.

As the Socialist Workers Party drive to expand the readership of the Militant  and books by revolutionary working-class leaders enters its final stretch, the newspaper is being used by party members to build solidarity with labor battles waged by workers…

Support Canadian rail workers strike!

Vol. 83/No. 44 - December 2, 2019

All workers have a stake in backing the strike waged by unionists at Canadian National Railway against bosses’ attempts to cut rest periods, increase overtime and continue dangerous remote control operations in rail yards. Use the Militant’s coverage to let…

25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

Vol. 83/No. 44 - December 2, 2019

December 5, 1994 HAVANA, Cuba — In a show of solidarity with the Cuban revolution unprecedented since the 1960s, nearly 3,000 delegates from 110 countries have gathered here for the World Meeting in Solidarity with Cuba. “Your presence here makes…