Pathfinder books move at Montreal, Manila book fairs

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021

Recent book fairs in Montreal and Manila show growing interest among working people in literature addressing key political questions they face as a result of deepening worldwide economic and social crises, growing capitalist competition and war threats, and rising struggles…

Join ‘Militant’ renewal drive, help expand paper’s reach

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021
SWP member Leroy Watson, left, talking with Dwayne Houston in Bellwood, Illinois, about the Kelloggs’s strike, im-portance of workers’ struggles. “I support the unions,” Houston said.

Socialist Workers Party members and other readers of the Militant  are not waiting for the Jan. 1 start of the international campaign to win renewals to the working-class paper and to get back in touch with new subscribers. A team…

Miners: ‘We have been on strike for 252 days now’

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021
Warrior Met Coal strike support rally in Brookwood, Alabama, Dec. 8. Court injunction blocking union from mass picketing at mine entrances is serious attack on whole labor movement.

BROOKWOOD, Ala. — “We have been on strike now for 252 days,” United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts told some 200 miners, family members, retired miners and other supporters at the union’s Dec. 8 solidarity rally at City…

Build solidarity with the Kellogg, miners strikes!

Kellogg’s strikers say No! to two-tier wages, benefits
Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021

The 1,400 members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers union continue to stand strong on the picket lines following their overwhelming rejection of a new contract offer by Kellogg’s bosses that would have divided and weakened the…

Cuban Revolution set example in fight for women’s emancipation

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021
Students at Cuba’s Ana Betancourt School in early 1960s learn to measure and cut fabric. Set up by revolutionary government, school gave job training to peasant women for first time. Inset, Vilma Espín, a leader of the revolution, in 1958.

For those around the world who want to unite working people to advance our class interests and to end the second-class status of women, there is much to learn from the experience of Cuba’s socialist revolution. From the very beginning,…

Social disaster after tornadoes result of bosses drive for profits

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021

Powerful tornadoes swept across six states Dec. 10, resulting in a death toll climbing to over 100 people, including factory workers left to fend for themselves on the job in Kentucky and Illinois. While the storms were a mighty reflection…

25, 50, and 75 Years Ago

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021

December 23, 1996 HAVANA — More than 100,000 Havana residents marched December 2 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba. A huge cheer went up as the contingent was announced of…

Holiday greetings to all fellow workers behind bars!

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021

Holiday greetings to our readers and all those held behind prison bars! We greet you as fellow workers, members of the only class capable of putting an end to the exploitation and oppression inherent in the capitalist system. All working-class…

Socialist revolution will accelerate liberation of art and culture

Vol. 85/No. 48 - December 27, 2021
From left, Mexican artist Diego Rivera, Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky and surrealist Andre Breton collaborating on “Manifesto: Towards a Free Revolutionary Art” in Mexico in 1938. It called for freedom from censorship, capitalist or Stalinist alike, and artistic independence.

Art and Revolution: Writings on Literature, Politics, and Culture by Leon Trotsky is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for December. Trotsky was a central leader of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the early Communist International. After…