Help win new readers for the ‘Militant,’ book by SWP leaders

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023
Participants in Feb. 11 Los Angeles protest against ongoing repression in Iran discuss revolutionary political perspective found in new Pathfinder book and the Militant newspaper.

Campaigning in working-class neighborhoods in cities and rural areas, members and supporters of the Socialist Workers Party and Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom are finding a lot of interest in the new book, The Low Point…

Join our fight against Florida prison ban on the ‘Militant’!

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023

Prison officials at Florida’s privately run Blackwater River Correctional Facility banned an issue of the Militant  on Feb. 1. Their reason? According to the rejection notice sent to the paper, they allege that two front-page articles in issue no. 4…

25, 50, and 75 years ago

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023

March 2, 1998 William Jefferson Clinton, in his second inaugural speech proclaimed the United States “the world’s indispensable nation.” The message is that Washington — acting unilaterally and relying more and more on military force — will target for brutal…

Working people in Ukraine fight new war moves from Moscow

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin is launching a large-scale new assault in the east of Ukraine on the one-year anniversary of his regime’s invasion. Despite suffering multiple battlefield defeats at the hands of Ukraine’s military and its many working-class volunteer fighters,…

Cuba’s working people made a socialist revolution, set example for all

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023
Fidel Castro greets residents of Colón, Cuba, Jan. 7, 1959, as Rebel Army forces head to Havana after victory, to reach out to the tens of thousands of toilers who wanted to join the revolution.

Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War, 1956-58 by Ernesto Che Guevara is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for February. Guevara, at Fidel Castro’s side, became one of the central leaders of the world-changing 1959 Cuban Revolution. He describes…

Thousands protest repression in Iran, debate road forward

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023
Thousands march in Washington, D.C., demand end of repression by reactionary regime in Iran Feb. 11, part of international day of protests, including in Chicago and Los Angeles.

WASHINGTON — Several thousand people rallied here Feb. 11, part of an international day of action to protest the ongoing repression by the reactionary bourgeois-clerical regime in Iran. Participants came from across the East Coast and from as far away…

New Jersey sanitation workers strike is ‘solid’

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023

CAMDEN, N.J. — “Now they’re playing hardball,” Ivan James, Teamsters Local 115 shop steward, told the Militant, describing how Waste Management of New Jersey bosses are conducting their negotiations with the union.  One hundred thirty sanitation workers at the yard…

Defend independence of Ukraine!

Vol. 87/No. 8 - February 27, 2023

Statement by Joanne Kuniansky, Socialist Workers Party candidate for New Jersey state Senate, Feb. 15.  A year ago on Feb. 24 Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an all-out invasion of Ukraine, expecting to rapidly conquer Kyiv, the capital, arrest and…