Laura Garza, Socialist Workers Party candidate for governor of California, walks hotel workers’ strike picket line outside Oakland Marriott City Center with striker Jason Russell Oct. 20.

Build the unions! Working people need our own party!

SWP campaigns pose road to unite workers in struggle

NEW YORK — “Workers need to have unions to defend ourselves from the bosses, organize solidarity with others involved in labor and social struggles, and unite the working class,” Róger Calero, Socialist Workers Party candidate for governor of New York,…

SWP Statement

Demand amnesty for all immigrants in the US!

The following statement was released Oct. 24 by Róger Calero, Socialist Workers Party candidate for governor of New York. The capitalist economic crisis is taking a heavy toll on workers around the world. And the imperialist plunder of the semicolonial…

SWP Speaks in Interest of Working People

‘The power of workers is in their sticking together’

“I remember you,” retired coal miner Jake Westerfield told SWP member Jacquie Henderson when she knocked on his door in Beaver Dam, Kentucky. They met at a union protest in Ohio.

“I know you!” retired coal miner Jake Westerfield told Socialist Workers Party member Jacquie Henderson when she and Steve Packard knocked on his door Oct. 20 in Beaver Dam, a town of 3,500 in a coal mining region 100 miles…


Honduras immigrant caravan shows depth of capitalist crisis

Honduran and other Central Americans march through Mexico Oct. 21 on way to U.S. border. Honduran toilers face crisis of both imperialist pillage and exploitation from native capitalists.

Thousands of Hondurans, overwhelmingly workers and farmers, have traveled through Guatemala into Mexico, and are making their way toward the U.S. border, hoping to enter the United States with or without permission of U.S. authorities. The size of the caravan,…

Socialist Workers Party leadership sets course ahead

Adopts course to build union solidarity • defend constitutional freedoms • fight for wages, hours, job conditions that prevent families in working class from being torn apart • defend Cuba’s socialist revolution and its example in the U.S. and world over
International Educational Conference in Oberlin, Ohio, June 8-10, brought together over 330 people for reports, discussion on communist program, continuity and activities. Right, SWP literature table during conference.
OBERLIN, Ohio — “The sweeping indictment of Donald Trump under the Espionage Act by President Joseph…

Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.