Thousands rally, demand women’s right to abortion!

‘Keep on marching, make our voices heard’
Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019
May 21 Sacramento, Calif. Rallies to defend women’s right to abortion continue nationwide.

“We hoped for 20 and 200 people showed up,” Heather Bradford told David Rosenfeld, Socialist Workers Party candidate for St. Paul City Council, as they both joined a May 25 protest in Duluth, Minnesota, in support of women’s right to…

Australia election ‘shocker’ reflects working-class anger

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019

SYDNEY — The conservative Liberal-National coalition government of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, widely predicted by liberal pundits to lose the election, defied the polls and won May 18. Most had expected a comfortable win for the opposition Labor Party led…

US capitalist rulers ban Huawei in trade squeeze on Beijing

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019
Container ship loaded with goods from China berths at Port of Los Angeles in 2011. U.S. rulers are using Huawei ban and tariffs on greater volume of imports from China as leverage against Beijing in trade talks. Competing rulers seek deal that best defends their capitalist interests.

On May 15 Washington escalated its attack on Chinese telecom giant Huawei, taking steps to cut the company off from suppliers and ban it from doing business in the U.S.  President Donald Trump that day signed an executive order enabling…

‘Nationalize PG&E, put it under workers control’

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019
Bianca Alvarado, right, talks with Jeff Powers in Chico, California, in February after wildfire destroyed nearby Paradise, killing scores. Fire was caused by PG&E bosses’ disdain for safety.

OAKLAND, California — The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the state regulatory agency that deals with forest fires, reported May 15 that last fall’s Camp Fire that killed at least 85 people and destroyed nearly 19,000 homes and…

Every ‘Militant’ issue from 1928 to today is online!

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019

Every issue of the Militant — from its founding in 1928 to today — is now available online, nearly 4,400 issues of the paper. Workers anywhere in the world can access and study the living history of their class, published…

Washington’s moves against Iran hit workers hardest

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019

Washington continues to levy sanctions, issue threats against Iran, and move military forces into the Mideast as it advances the predatory interests of the U.S. imperialist rulers in the region. Washington aims to force the Iranian government into talks to…

‘Cuba’s revolution taught us we could do the same thing here’

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019
Cuban militia celebrates April 1961 victory over U.S.-backed counterrevolutionary forces at Bay of Pigs, first defeat for U.S. imperialism in the Americas. This helped inspire youth in U.S.

The French edition of   Cuba and the Coming American Revolution by Jack Barnes, national secretary of the Socialist Workers Party, is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for June. The excerpt is from the first chapter, “1961: Year of…

Rulers political crisis grows as UK workers say, ‘Get out of EU!’

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019

LONDON — Faced with fallout from repeated failed efforts to reach some agreement among the capitalist rulers’ fractured political parties over what to do about Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May resigned as Conservative Party leader May 24. The resignation takes…

US hands off Venezuela! US hands off of Cuba!

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019

Washington and the U.S.-backed opposition in Venezuela continue to press their campaign to oust the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, despite the failure of their April 30 coup attempt. Washington is stepping up its economic war on Venezuela —…

Socialist Workers Party 2019 campaign program

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019

The Socialist Workers Party’s fighting program to confront the economic, social and moral crisis caused by capitalism:   UNIONS/FOR A LABOR PARTY Support workers’ struggles to organize to defend themselves, to use union power on behalf of ourselves and all…