Fidel: UN support for US attack on Iraq is ‘shameful day’

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019
Protest against coming U.S. war on Iraq Dec. 8, 1990, in Salt Lake City, Utah. U.N. Security Council unanimously backed Washington, except for revolutionary Cuba, which voted “No.”

The Spanish edition of U.S. Hands off the Mideast! Cuba Speaks Out at the United Nations by Fidel Castro and Ricardo Alarcón, is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for November. This excerpt is from a 1990 speech by…

UK rulers seek to get around 2016 vote to get out of EU

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019

LONDON — The House of Commons voted Oct. 19 to instruct Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek another extension to the deadline for the U.K. to get out of the EU — the latest episode in a campaign by the…

Support strikers at GM, Mack Truck, Asarco mines

Asarco miners fight against bosses’ union-busting drive
Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019
Copper workers rally at Asarco Mission mine in Sahuarita, Arizona, Oct. 19. Mine bosses are demanding workers quit union, cross picket lines in important fight in Arizona, Texas.

KEARNY, Ariz. — A battle is unfolding here in the face of the attempt by the Asarco copper bosses to break the strike that began Oct. 13 by almost 2,000 members of the United Steelworkers, Teamsters and seven other unions…

Liberals drive to oust Trump built on fear of working class

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019

The announcement of first one and then two nameless CIA agents with “evidence” that President Donald Trump should be removed from office was greeted with fervor by Democrats trying to ensure they don’t have to run against Trump in the…

Militant, books drive advances solidarity with union battles

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019
Communist League campaign supporter Amelie Lanteigne, right, introduces Militant to Michelle Guay in Beloeil, Quebec, Oct. 19. Guay said she backs Steelworkers strike at Galvano plant.

Socialist Workers Party members and supporters have been taking the Militant to workers on strike at Mack Truck, Asarco and General Motors and building support for these fights through taking news of these class battles door to door to working…

Strikers: ‘All Mack Truck cares about is profits’

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019
Mack Truck strikers rally in Macungie, Pennsylvania, Oct. 20, part of 3,600 out on strike. “The company just thinks about profits,” said striker Steve Gerhard. “The union is our fraternity.”

MACUNGIE, Penn. — More than 3,600 United Auto Workers members on strike at Mack Truck plants in five cities are standing up to the bosses’ steep concession contract demands. Sweden-based Volvo Group owns Mack. They went on strike Oct. 13…

Oberlin appeals court victory by bakery in college’s smear campaign

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019

Oberlin College’s administration is stepping up its campaign to reverse a victory for working people against class privilege and slanderous race-baiting. The Board of Trustees announced Oct. 8 it was filing an appeal against the jury verdict that led to…

32,500 Chicago teachers, school workers strike for new contract

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019

CHICAGO — Some 25,000 Chicago Teachers Union members and 7,500 school support staff — custodians, bus aides, special education assistants, teaching assistants and more, members of Service Employees International Union Local 73 — walked out here Oct. 17. They set…

Support labor struggles, vote SWP!

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019

The Socialist Workers Party slate of candidates poses the need for working people to unite and organize to fight to roll back the effects of the capitalist rulers’ economic, political and moral crisis today. Through these struggles we can gain…

US rulers step up economic war against Cuban Revolution

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019

The U.S. government announced new measures Oct. 18 that step up its nearly 60-year-long economic war on the Cuban Revolution. Elliot Abrams, U.S. special envoy for Venezuela, told Reuters Oct. 9, “We’re always looking to ways to squeeze [Cuba] because…