Northern California hospital workers strike over short staffing

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020
Health care workers picket in front of Fairmont Wellness Center in San Leandro, California, Oct. 8 during five-day strike at six public hospitals for safety for patients and themselves.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. — Over 4,000 health care workers struck for five days here and at five other hospitals across Alameda and San Joaquin counties during the first week of October, in defense of health and safety for their patients…

Pennsylvania Steelworkers strike over NLMK concession contract

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020

FARRELL, Penn. — More than 400 United Steelworkers, members of Local 1016-03, have been on strike since Aug. 22 at the NLMK rolling mill here. A majority of workers oppose the new medical insurance plan in the company’s proposed contract,…

Central Wash. vegetable packers organize to win union, rights

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020

PASCO, Wash. — “Work is hard and there are a lot of accidents,” Maria Meraz Cortez said to the Militant at a rally of more than 80 people outside Twin City Foods here in central Washington Oct. 2. The workers…

After one-day strike, pharmacy workers locked out in Quebec

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020

VARENNES, Quebec — After a one-day strike here Sept. 23, some 700 workers, members of the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN) at the warehouse for the Jean Coutu pharmacy chain in Quebec, found themselves locked out the next day.…

Rulers use ‘racial sensitivity’ programs to attack working class

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020
Civil rights protest attacked by cops in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963. Mass Black-led movement ended Jim Crow, advancing consciousness in whole working class against racism.

Under the false flag of pushing back racism, many government agencies, bosses at some of the largest corporations and school administrators are imposing mandatory “racial sensitivity” programs to shame, silence and intimidate workers who they say are all marked by…

Cut workweek with no cut in pay to stop layoffs

Demand gov’t-financed public works program to create jobs
Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020
Fairacres Manor nursing home residents in Greeley, Colorado, backed by nursing staff, protest restrictions imposed on physical contact with loved ones Oct. 8. Rulers have shunted elderly into overcrowded, understaffed nursing homes, leaving thousands shut in to die.

Millions of workers in the U.S. have lost their jobs in the midst of a two-sided and intertwined capitalist economic and social crisis unfolding today. One side is the efforts of the bosses and their government to make working people…

Workers need a labor party to fight for all working people

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020
“Let me shake your hand,” Melinda Swartz, in Sharon, Pennsylvania, told SWP vice presidential candidate Malcolm Jarrett, left, and David Ferguson, the party’s candidate for 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania, Oct. 9, after learning workers can vote for SWP instead of Donald Trump or Joe Biden. “Workers need our own party, a labor party,” Jarrett said.

SHARON, Penn. — “You say you’re different from Joe Biden or Donald Trump, let me shake your hand,” Melinda Swartz, a worker at a stamping mill here, told Malcolm Jarrett, Socialist Workers Party candidate for vice president, and Dave Ferguson,…

Mass protests in Belarus: ‘Resign now, new elections’

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020
March “in solidarity with women in Belarus,” Oct. 10 in New York City. International actions against dictatorial regime in Belarus backed mass protests there demanding freeing of political prisoners, new elections.

For the 10th Sunday in a row, 100,000 protesters filled the streets of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, Oct. 11, joined by tens of thousands more in other cities, demanding the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. The hated ruler claimed he…