US troops out of Korea, Middle East, Afghanistan!

Vol. 82/No. 44 - November 26, 2018

Under Democratic and Republican presidents alike, the U.S. government has been embroiled virtually nonstop in wars to defend U.S. capitalist interests for the last 28 years. The 1990-91 Gulf War and ensuing combat that went on and off through this…

Solidarity, struggle is road to unite the working class

SWP says ‘Build unions, chart course to take political power’
Vol. 82/No. 44 - November 26, 2018
Carole Lesnick, left, who ran as Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. House from Oakland, joins striking Marriott hotel workers on picket line there. SWP calls for need to build unions.

The Socialist Workers Party ran 19 candidates for U.S. Senate, governorships and other offices across the country in the 2018 midterm elections, speaking out against the capitalist rulers’ attacks on workers, farmers and others. They explained that workers need to…


Vol. 82/No. 44 - November 26, 2018

Stop prison abuse! As you know, Pennsylvania prison mail now goes through Smart Communications in Florida. I received a letter from my mother tonight that took 18 days to get here! I would like to read your Sept. 17 issue…

UN votes 189-2 to demand end to US rulers’ Cuba embargo

Vol. 82/No. 43 - November 19, 2018

UNITED NATIONS — On Nov. 1, for the 27th year in a row, the U.N. General Assembly adopted a resolution presented by the Cuban government calling for “ending the U.S. economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba.” The resolution passed…

Workers need unions, break with bosses’ political parties

Workers, farmers seek road forward out of capitalist crisis
Vol. 82/No. 43 - November 19, 2018
Rachele Fruit, left, SWP candidate for Georgia governor, talks with fisherman David Gilbert about lack of government response in wake of Hurricane Michael in Apalachicola, Florida, Nov. 1. Right, Georgia’s Albany Herald quotes Fruit saying, “Only by uniting and building a working-class movement in struggle can we fight to change the conditions that we face.”

“The problems that the working class faces — and working farmers — are the result of the decay of the capitalist system that we live under, and that only by uniting and building a working-class movement in struggle can we…

Join SWP taking ‘Militant’, books to working class

Vol. 82/No. 43 - November 19, 2018

Millions of workers see in their own lives and lives of those they love how working people face the debilitating effects of the ongoing economic, political and moral crisis of capitalist rule. The bosses and their government have nothing to…

25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

Vol. 82/No. 43 - November 19, 2018

November 22, 1993 Violence and lies are the stock-in-trade of the employing class. In the strike by 18,000 coal miners in seven states the bosses are exposing their true face. The frame-up is a trusted method of the coal operators.…

Australia: Workers march, demand end to anti-union laws

Vol. 82/No. 43 - November 19, 2018

SYDNEY — Hundreds of thousands of workers rallied in cities and towns across Australia Oct. 23-24 to defend union rights and back demands for higher wages. The slogan for the nationwide rallies organized by the Australian Council of Trade Unions…

Marriott strikers fight bosses over wages, hours, safety

Vol. 82/No. 43 - November 19, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO — UNITE HERE Local 2 President Anand Singh was the first speaker Nov. 2 when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors convened a hearing on the union’s strike of some 2,500 hotel workers at Marriott here. The strike,…

Amazon robots intensify the exploitation of labor

Vol. 82/No. 43 - November 19, 2018
Amazon warehouse running in Tracy, California, 2014. Bosses installed robots as they expanded hiring. In face of speedup, boss harassment, unsafe conditions workers need a union.

Amazon is the second-largest employer in the U.S. after Walmart and one of only two U.S. companies ever valued at over $1 trillion. It operates huge fulfillment warehouses where workers face relentless speedup and unsafe conditions amid miles of conveyor…